Artes Group


Our expertise takes us places. That is why is Artes Group is the perfect partner for every project.

Constructive People familie
  • One big family

Artes Group works on challenging construction assignments and unique construction sites. We are a major player in all domains: civil engineering, hydraulic engineering, petrochemistry, buildings and restoration. No project is too difficult for us and our Constructive People tackle every challenge with full force. That makes Artes Group your ideal partner for developing and building durable and sustainable works of art.

We have many sister companies — Artes Depret, Artes Roegiers, Artes TWT, Artes Woudenberg, CAAAP and Van Maele — all across Belgium. A strong presence which makes exchanging knowledge, experience, staff and materials very easy. This provides huge added value to our stakeholders.

But the expertise of Artes Group goes way beyond just being present. Our specialisation in project development really comes to life in Artes Projects and CAAAP, our daughter team of dedicated developers. Artes Prefab ensures the internal production of precast concrete and Van Maele is the youngest shoot of our family tree. Experts in plumbing and HVAC equipment, this installation company makes Artes Group complete.

Constructive People Restauratie
  • Quality

Artes Group are skilled, qualified and experienced professionals. An expertise that stems from a century of experience. Not surprisingly, the result always comes first. We only work with modern equipment and attach great importance to the safety of our employees. No matter which project we work on, we do so with respect for our employees and an eye on the budget.

Klanten L
  • Customer focus

Artes Group is a transparent and trusted company, working on projects forpeople ... with people. Using our personal approach, we always put the customer first. Working together constructively is vitally important for us. Thinking along every step of the way, we help write the story of the customer.

Over Artes betrouwbaarheid
  • Reliability

Artes Group is your long-term permanent partner. We are fully committed to valuable and reliable relationships with our customers, employees, partners and stakeholders. Mutual trust inspires everything we do. And that shows in our approach and the way our employees go about your business.

Constructive People KMSKA
  • Passion

Artes Group is a hard-working team, where all the Constructive People are . entrepreneurs too. Day by day, we aspire to achieve the best results for our stakeholders. That ambition and energy is evident in everything we do.

Over Artes flexibiliteit
  • Flexibility

Being a dynamic company, Artes Group always knows how to respond to the ever-changing circumstances. We look to the future with a creative mind, always seeking out inventive and innovative solutions to new challenges.

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