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Working at Artes Group

As a construction company, Artes Group tackles challenging construction assignments on unique construction sites. We are a major player in all domains: civil engineering, hydraulic engineering, petrochemistry, techniques, prefab, buildings and restoration.

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Time for a transfer?

Working at Artes Group, means working with and for the construction champion. Being a champion takes a strong team of many different skills and talents, with perfect interplay. We have thinkers and daredevils, working hands, desk hands, sporting people and supporting people, pioneers and problem solvers. Experts at calculating, drawing and getting things on the road. Together, they tackle our country’s biggest and most challenging sites. How about you? Would you like to play for our construction team?


3 reasons to come and join the Artes construction team

An enthusiastic lot

Having fun at work is important! Our collaborators, the Constructive People and Dedicated Developers, can always count on each other, on and off the site. You’re not just getting colleagues, you will also be getting team mates.

Together, we’re at our very best

We may be a big company, with the ambition to keep growing day by day, but we will never lose our family character. You will be part of a warm and wonderful building team, with a great atmosphere.

Together, we stand strong!

Always on the move

Together, we tackle Belgium’s largest and most challenging projects. And that makes us all very proud.

You can go for it, every single day, you’re always on the move, always getting the chance to take initiative. Let’s go!

What are you waiting for?!


Top transfer: Site manager

Are you the captain of our site team?

As a site manager, you are responsible for the practical organisation on your site. You monitor and manage the daily coordination of the site team’s many activities. Your clear communication makes you thé first point of contact for our own workers and those of our subcontractors. You also watch over your colleagues’ safety and ensure compliance with all environmental regulations. You perform regular quality checks of the work in progress. You keep the on-site team spirit alive, nurturing a sense of solidarity and togetherness at all times.

Artes takes your ambitions and needs into account. I started out as a project engineer, but now I really enjoy my role at the calculation department
Wouter - Calculator
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Play at the national level

Artes Group is Belgian to the core. We have sister companies all across Belgium!

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Working at the highest level?

As a starter, you will be assigned a mentor who will share his or her expertise with you during the first year. During the first six months, you will be given a detailed training plan that is perfectly tailored to your job. After that, we will keep presenting you with interesting internal and external training courses. Talent should be cherished and nurtured!

Are you more experienced? Throughout your career, training programmes will give you a chance to keep up to date and keep learning. Twice a year, you get to choose a personal, tailor-made trajectory. Even top-level players need to stay ‘fit’ for the job!

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Looking for a job that takes you places?

Did you apply for a job?


So nice to hear you want to join our construction team! We’ll invite you over, so you can get to know the management.


Your future colleagues will be happy to show you around and give you a taste of what it's like to work in our offices or on one of our sites.

DNA match

What do you find important? Together, we will check whether your DNA matches that of Artes Group.


Are you sensing a match? Does your profile fit? Are your competences a perfect match for Artes and the vacancy? Would you really like to work for us and with us? In that case, we’ll make you a nice offer.

Welcome to our team!


A job with Artes Group?

Here, you’ll be given a chance to grow to a level we can be proud of together. Our Constructive People and Dedicated Developers make a difference.

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