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Columns, wall elements and floor elements. These are all examples of premanufactured building elements made of armed concrete. Prefab elements offer a great alternative for on-site concrete pouring.

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Terreinen 0004 prefab

Precast concrete offers many advantages: better quality control, faster production, on-site man-hour reduction, less dependence on environmental factors ... That is why, in 2008, Artes Group decided to establish its own production department. Artes Prefab has been supplying and producing precast elements and reinforcements for its sister companies Artes Roegiers, Artes Depret and Artes TWT ever since. The Artes Prefab people also have wonderful insight in the construction process, which lets them provide great advice when planning projects in precast concrete elements. Together with the sister companies, they go in search of the best, most effective solutions for the building site. The customer comes first, always. Thanks to our know-how and Artes Prefab's production department, we can often significantly shorten the planned execution period of a building project.

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