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Petrochemie/ Industrie

Artes Group handles works on petrochemical sites from A to Z. Because of our knowledge of materials and expertise, we provide services to major players in this sector.

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We manage demolition work, formwork, small-scale masonry work, maintenance work, welding work and assembly. We carry out these works on land and water.

Artes Roegiers and Artes Depret have experience in the petrochemical industry. We probe pipelines, maintain fender installations, assemble mooring structures, replace loading arms (both on water and on quay)... We maintain all of the Fluxys sites on an annual contract basis, for instance.

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Artes holds a VCA Petrochemistry certificate, as safety is of the utmost importance in the petrochemical sector. A certificate primarily intended to guarantee workplace safety on petrochemical sites.


  • Port of Antwerp
  • Port of Ghent
  • Fluxys

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