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Arrtes Uptech (formerly 'Van Maele NV' has been a trusted plumbing and HVAC partner for 4 generations. We specialise in plumbing, heating and ventilation. Artes Uptech started as a close-knit family business and we are happy to continue? working in that way. This allows us to continue to emphasise the sustainable nature of our business and offer our customers a personalised approach.

History: Artes Uptech (formerly 'Van Maele NV') has been around for more than half a century. The company was founded by Florimond Van Maele in 1969 in Varsenare. Later passing on the torch to his sons Roger and Robert Van Maele. In 1991, grandson Philippe Van Maele, Roger's son, joined the management team. Great granddaughter Joséphine Van Maele recently joined the company, making it the fourth generation.

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